Professional Gardencare

The lightness in pruning, the thoroughness and the know-how, creativity in design and the reliability in the gardeningservice create the optimum care for gardens.
The most beautiful gardencare is done when somebody wants to do it for another person.

When this motivation is driven by hospitability for guests or to create beauty in the garden for

other people than oneself, the most perfect result will be created.

This heartful action is called Omotenashi

The tools for professional garden care

If you are interested in japanese gardening tools, please feel free to write us a message.

Once or twice a year we are traveling to Japan. We can get you any tools you wish to purchase.



The Mi-pot is in combination with the hand bamboo broom and the right technique the best way to clean up beds, collecting fine trush and foliage under trees and hedges.

Bamboo broom

When it is new, it is perfect with it's fine birstles for cleaning moss.

From the tiniest foliage up to the mudd the bamboo broom can clean up everything. The older the broom, the rougher it's bristles. And when the broom is not used anymore you can at least fire the stove with it.


The japanese 3-leg aluminum ladders are the perfect partner for garden maintenance. One can reach nearly every kind of situation because the long leg is very stable and able to rotate 360°. It doesn't matter if very close to a big tree, in or over an hedge or in complicated bush plantings.

Fine scissors






For very neatly prunning of young buds (f.e. Pines), flowers or after a rough cut for the perfect result.

This scissors are also often used for bonsai and niwaki trimming.

Big scissors





This big scissors called "Obasami"

(大鋏) are used for shaping bushes and trees as well as for hedge trimming. With it's sharpness it is easy to shape azalea and bux hedges.

Chika- Tabi

These are the perfect shoes for garden care. With their very robust and light cloth and their flexible gumm-sole they offer a maximum of feeling for maneuverabilty. No trampling down of moss, beds or plantings in comprehension to normal steel based working shoes.